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Morgens alleine

Der Herbst in Québec ist traumhaft.

„Morgens alleine“ · 17.02.2008 · Kommentare (4)

4 Kommentare:

  1. oh ja.

    maria am 17.02.08 um 18:35

  2. You should make your website in English (ou en français) so people like me can understand it… :)

    PS. what’s an abs chicken?

    Brad am 18.02.08 um 04:49

  3. Brad, I seriously considered writing in English and/or French. In the end I decided not to, mainly bacause German is the language I speak best and love most. Writing in any other language can be fun but feels also kind of… pretentious. (I might change my mind at some point. As for now, you’ll have to stick with the images. :)

    Oh, and abs chicken is short hand for ‚abstract chicken‘ and refers to a painting by Salvador Dalí… not.

    maze am 18.02.08 um 07:36

  4. Wie schade! Das ist sehr ungerecht! ;) Oh well, as long as you continue to aMaze us with all those wonderful and creative pics… Mach’s gut, you silly Qualle! hehehe

    Crevettos am 02.05.09 um 18:19

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